GDPR and Data Protection Info

Verity Pettit, 35 Gordon Road, Shepperton, Middx, TW17 8JY.

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Chess Mates Chess Club provides extra-curricular lunchtime and after school chess activities in primary school settings and for under 18 young people

This Privacy Policy sets out how Chess Mates chess club collects, stores and uses information about you and your child.

This Privacy Policy is effective from July 1st 2021.

We obtain, store and use information about you when you contact us by email or text or phone, responding perhaps to a flyer advertising a chess club, or just getting in touch to enquire about chess provision. Your details are then noted and recorded.

  • Information we may collect: parent name, child or young person name, your email address(es), your telephone number(s) for contact in case of need, your child’s school and year group, your child's additional needs that are relevant to a lunchtime or outside of school club setting.
  • How we use your information: for administrative purposes, to contact you, to create current term chess club registers, to notify you of chess club opportunities each new term.
  • Disclosure of your information to third parties: only to the extent necessary to run a chess club in a school or local community setting. The Hampton Hill Junior School chess club register is made available to school staff for their information needs. Email addresses, phone numbers, and additional needs data is not shared. Only child name, class and attendance on the chess register for the term is shared with the school. Email addresses and any other data is never shared with other parents of club children. All emails sent to a chess club group are blind copied so that data is hidden.
  • How long we retain your information: for up to the four year period in which your child is present at the junior school. Once they leave junior school, the chess club records are moved to archive filing, and are shredded/deleted periodically. For the youth chess group, the information will also be kept for a four year period and shredded/deleted periodically after that.
  • How we secure your information: we keep personal data in locked dedicated cabinets at our home office address at 35 Gordon Rd, Shepperton, TW17 8JY. We have password protection on the business laptop and phone. We only hold the minimum data needed to provide the chess club service. We ensure that staff and volunteers have training in appropriate data protection awareness and only have access to information they need to do their job.
  • Use of photographs and social media: We never take photos unless specific permission is obtained at each time. For example, for a chess tournament event. Occasionally, the school may take photos of a chess activity, and these photos are taken under the permissions held by the school rather than by Chess Mates. Use of social media is minimal and used only to create general awareness of club events.
  • Your rights in relation to your information; you have the right to have your information corrected and/or completed, you have the right to have your information deleted or to restrict the use of your information and the right to withdraw your consent to the use of your information.

Our legal basis for processing your data: Legitimate interest. Consent: (Article 6(1)(f) of the General Data Protection Regulation). Responding to enquiries, keeping records necessary to provide chess club services, notifying chess activities available within a term and opportunities for next term