ChessMates Chess Club Notice regarding Covid-19

Safety and hygiene are of the utmost importance during this period where Covid-19 remains a threat to us all.
We have looked carefully at the advice issued by the HM Government, the Public Health Authority and the Health and Safety Executive, in order to control risk, work safely and provide a hygienic environment for chess club. We have liaised with HHJS and will be following their guidelines for numbers and safe practice.

The steps below will be taken when we run in-person chess club sessions at Hampton Hill Junior School, and at Hampton Hill youth venues.

  • The numbers for chess club are restricted, and are much smaller than previously, to enable adequate space between players in the room.
  • Ahead of the start of club time, and at the end of club time, all tables, chairs, door knobs and other surfaces will be cleaned by our staff.
  • Ahead of the start of club time, and at the end of club time, all chess pieces and boards will be air sprayed and wiped with disinfectant by our staff, before the children are allowed to set up their pieces.
  • The children are given a non-latex disposable glove to wear on the hand they will touch their chess pieces with. This minimises contact contamination. It is also good practice to learn to use just the one hand to move their pieces, as this is best practice in tournament chess.
  • The children are required to gel their hands on arrival in the chess room, and on departure afterwards. Chess club will provide hand gel.
  • Windows will be left open where possible during the club session to enable maximum ventilation.
  • Social distancing etiquette will be prioritised at all times in accordance with the school policy. Children will not shake hands before or after their chess matches, as is usual chess etiquette, instead will verbally wish their opponent good luck, and will verbally say ‘well played’ afterwards.

Risk Assessment